Saturday, 9 May 2009


What is a UFOFF I hear you ask - well it is an UnFinished Object Finally Finished.

Unfinished objects seem to breed in my bead box, how on earth do I get so many? The simple reason is I get bored half way through and put them down and start something else, it doesn't help that I work with beads all day and so my inspirational juices are constantly flowing, and the UFO's keep on adding up!

Anyway, this one is a Peyote Rose on a Spiral Rope.

The Rose was from the Beaded Garden book, which is a fab book, I originally planned to make a whole host of flowers and sew them all to a cushion in a bouquet style, but guess what? Yep, I got bored with that idea.

This little rose has sat unloved in my bead box for around a year, so I pulled it out and made it a spiral rope with various oddments of beads :) Hope you like it.

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