Saturday 4 March 2023

CAL (crochet along) Log Cabin Mosaic Blanket - Intro

 Hello there,

I thought I might do a little CAL (crochet-a-long) to show you how easy it was to tackle mosaic crochet.   I often get told that some of my blankets look very complicated, and that is the beauty of this technique - it can look amazing, but actually isn't really that hard at all!

This pattern is just one square, but using a quilting technique to layer it up to create a log cabin effect.  It is a wonderful stash buster - just make sure you have enough stash for a full line  (I shall post the amounts needed below).

Every monday for 6 weeks, I will issue an update on this blog..... don't worry, it's not one of those waffly blogs where you have to read through LOADS of nonsense to get to the actual content.  I can't be bothered to type all that and I am pretty sure you don't need to read it either   :) 

Here is a little intro for you.....

The 6 week schedule will look like this....

Week 1.  make 4 squares & join

 make 5 squares & join

Week 2.  make 7 squares & join

 make 9 squares & join

Week 3.  make 11 squares & join

Week 4.  make 13 squares & join

Week 5.  make 15 squares & join

Week 6. Edging

Of course, if you would like a larger blanket, then I am sure by the end of the 6 weeks you will have worked out how to make it larger.  I have included a chart which uses up to 11 colours.

Hook needed...



Blanket Size...

Each square is 9.5cm big (approx) – so decide how large out would like your blanket to be.


64 squares (8 x 8) would give you a blanket of 76cm square 

100 squares (10 x 10) would give you a blanket of 95cm square 

144 squares (12 x 12) would give you a blanket of 114cm square 

196 squares (14 x 14) would give you a blanket of 133cm square 

256 squares (16 x 16) would give you a blanket of 152cm square 



Yarn needed...

Stylecraft Special DK  is my preferred choice, or any DK of your choosing


I would recommend a neutral colour for Colour A (cream, white, pale grey)  


You then need plenty of other colours - as seen in my sample.


You can absolutely use up yarn stash, but make sure that COLOUR A stays the same throughout, and the second colour must be the same for each “L” section (as shown by the numbers in the chart), or the Log Cabin pattern will not work.   You must change the second colour for every “L” section that you make, or again, the pattern will not work.


For each square you will need approx 5g of Colour A and 6g of the second colour, so count the squares on the chart and check you have enough.

So, please do join me back here on monday where we shall begin!  Hopefully you are as excited about trying this as I am at seeing photos of them.

Do tag me on Instagram or Tiktok @soozintheshed or using the hashtag #logcabincrochetwithsooz

Happy Hooking!   :)

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