Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another Weekend at Higham Hall.

I LOVE this place ( I have just spent all weekend there teaching basic beadmaking. It was my second session and it was, like last time, simply brilliant !

The students were really keen to learn, eager and willing to try anything. They made some fabulous beads, and went away happy bunnies.

The lovely ladies were Sue, Judith, Jill and Chris. Here they are showing off their beads.

....and here they are working hard, and making pretty beadies.

If you ever decide to do a course there, I would fully recommend it. The food is magnificent, and they treat you really well, on top of that they offer a huge range of different courses from Languages, to History, to Crafts.
Unfortunately, for me, that's me finished now until September, but looking forward to it already :)

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