Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday's Treasure Hunt - Mark Dally

A few months ago I visited "The Biscuit Factory" in Newcastle, a fabulous art gallery with some amazing pieces in it.

I had Googled the gallery before I went and discovered Mark Dally Ceramics.  Having scooted through his website I fell in love with his clocks so was hoping that there would be some on show at the Gallery.

There was some Mark Dally pieces on display, but only one clock, I had had my eye on another style, so from the café within the gallery I quickly emailed him, luckily got a reply almost immediately, and decided to commision my own clock :)

This is my clock - she is called Queen of Curlies, she is the one on the right.

I also love his sculptures too - they would certainly make a great conversation piece.

And then there is the teapots !  How funky is this?

Well, go check him out for yourself.....

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