Monday, 1 October 2012

First attempt at quilling.

My Mother-In-Law makes the most stunning greetings cards using the art of quilling.  I am always in awe at her stunning designs.

Quilling is the method  of rolling up little strips of paper to form shapes.  Everyone looks forward to getting a card from my M-I-L, so I thought I might have a little play myself.

My daughter's girlfriend, Marie, also 'Quills', so she offered to give me a little lesson.

So I learnt how to use a little tool and roll the paper, then pop it into a shape and let it uncurl slightly.

Then I had to, very carefully, remove the curl from the shape, glue the edge, then place it on a board to dry.

My flower  :)

I then did a little green stem and stuck it all to a blank card.

I am just about to email the photo to my M-I-L, although I am not too sure if it will impress her  :)

I really enjoyed this, might have another go sometime soon.

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  1. Well done, Sooz! You've mastered so many crafts!


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