Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A little bit of glass.

This week I have been mainly playing with glass.

My Auntie Winnie, invited me to attend a Charity Evening, for Ladies, and take along my ready made bits and bobs.

PANIC !! I don't really have many ready made bits and bobs, so I needed to knuckle down and get some things made. Trying to cater for all purses I thought a few little glass stud earrings might be nice. I have made loads of the glass nuggets, but got bored glueing them onto the posts, so at the moment I only have 8 pairs.

I also made a few pendants, I only try and do a few at a time so I can make fresh things each time, otherwise I tend to get into a mass-production mode and make loads the same.

I know it's not much for a stall, but it's a start..........right? :)

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