Friday 9 November 2012

Crocheted Mug Hugs

"Mug Hugging" seems to be quite popular at the moment, personally I don't get it - I spend half my brew drinking time waiting for it to cool down to a drinkable temperature, so to keep it warm just doesn't do it for me.

But for those who do, here is a very easy crochet pattern for you  so you can hug your own mug  :)

Mug Hug
You will need:
  • ·         A small ball of wool
  • ·         5.00mm Crochet Hook
  • ·         A mug (straight sided ones are easier)

What to do:
  • ·         Crochet a chain long enough to fit around your chosen mug neatly, but not too large. Do not join.
  • ·         Add 2 more chain stitches then work back along the chain, DS into each chain stitch.
  • ·         Working in DS throughout, back & forth, until your piece measures just slightly smaller than the height of your mug.
  • ·         Sew the edges together by a few stitches at the top and bottom, allowing a space for the mug handle.
  • Slide into place.


  1. what is DS? Did you mean DC for double crochet, and, if so, is abbreviation for British or American crafters?


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