Friday, 22 March 2013

Bargains from a charity bookshop

I have been so clever sorting out stuff to go into my new craft room, stuff I can manage without.  

So far I have sorted out a pile of books and listed them on eBay,

.... and sorted out my yarn and given a large charity bag full away to a friend for a charity blanket.

Then today, I go and browse around a charity bookshop in town and buy a whole pile of books back again !!

But at the grand price of 75p each, how could I refuse?

Let me share them with you.  First the cookery books.

The New Vegetarian Cookbook - Roz Denny.  

Lots of interesting meals in this one, I might just have to try the Broccoli Risotto Torte sometime soon.

The Accidental Vegetarian - Simon Rimmer.

This one looks fabulous, unusual recipes that seem to be right up my street.  How about some potato pancakes with spiced beetroot?

Cakes and Slices - Bay Books

Hmmmm, my mouth is just watering looking through this one, how does Caramel Peach Cake, Passionfruit Almond Cakes with Lime Glaze or these... Date Caramel Shortcake.

And right at the back is a recipe for Baklava - one of my absolute favourites.  I might be busy next week :)

I also bought some craft books, funny that eh?

The Splendid Soft Toy Book (what a great name!)

I was planning to make some soft memory toys out of old clothing and these patterns might be very well adaptable to what I have in mind.  Who could resist Olaf and Olga Troll Dolls?

Toys For Kids - Sarah Stacey.

Some cringeworthy old fashioned patterns, but again adaptable.  I am sure this little fellow could be very cute if made in the right material.

Make Your Own Teddy Bear.

A cute little book with lots of templates and a birth certificate to copy at the back :)

I bought this one for a gift for someone, I think she will like it as she is just getting into quilting.

Quilting Design Sourcebook - Dorothy Osler.

I also bought this for a gift for someone who is a practising Christian.

Children's Letters To God.

I do hope she appreciates the humour, I certainly did.

He has a good point.

Bless  :)



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