Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Giveaway - Poppy Seed Soap

I am so pleased with my first attempts at soap making, so I thought I would give a bar away as the February Give-away.

Made from an olive soap base, with added Orange Blossom fragrance oil and poppy seeds - all authentic soap making ingredients.

It lathers up beautifully and smells divine.

Would you like a bar?  Simply comment on this blog, or contact me in another way (email or Facebook) and I will add you to the list.  I will draw a name next Sunday (10th March) and someone will win my very first bar of soap!

Good luck.


  1. Oh wow! Soap making just seems too complicated for me!! I love poppy seeds too :)

  2. Are you tempted to try making soap from scratch with NaOH?

  3. I am going to research making it completely from scratch.


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