Friday, 31 January 2014

The bead story

For those of you who wanted to know, this is the story of the little crystal bead.

Once upon a time there were two bored beaders who were a little mischievous. One was called Tan and the other called Sooz.

Even though these two friends lived 450 miles apart, they found they had a similar sense of humour, which was a bit worrying for everyone else.

One day they hatched a plan, a plan they could barely talk about because they found it so hilariously funny.  

That plan was to swallow a bead and give updates on it's journey through a beader's body.

The idea was put out on a beading forum where the updates would be discussed with other members.  Step-by-step.

It was a decent sized bead  (as you can see in the photo) so it wouldn't get lost, hopefully.

Tan and Sooz planned to PRETEND to swallow the bead, only none of the fellow beaders following the story were to get to know that until much much later, some don't even know to this day.

Tan 'swallowed' hers and gave an account on how difficult it was to get down.  

Sooz went one step further and spent AGES sculpting an ice cube so that from a distance it looked like the bead.  On video she dropped the bead (ice cube) into her mouth and took big glugs of (hot) water to help it down (melt)  GONE!

Fast forward two days - Sooz bead is out, cleaned, polished, looking as good as new, and none the worse for it's journey around a plump birds intestines.

Tan's bead was still to make an appearance.

Fast forward a week and Tan is getting tummy ache, cramps, feeling sick.  

(Please remember that behind the scenes of the forum they were sniggering like naughty schoolgirls, patting themselves on the back at how well their little trick was working.)

Then the emails started, people were REALLY concerned about this stuck bead, friends were begging Tan to go and get an X-ray, of course she was making excuses as the bead wasn't really there in the first place, but the concern was growing.

Tan and Sooz let the ruse rumble on for a couple of more days, then the bead made an appearance.  Phew!  Tan described her crystal studded poop in great detail for the forum to share and all the beading friends were relieved that it was finally out.

The end.

And there you have it, if you followed that story all those years back then we humbly apologise for tricking you, we felt the time had come to confess and own up that we really are a pair of naughty scoundrels who thought it was funny to wind everyone up.  


  1. Dear Readers and Mummy Pollie
    I am very, very sorry if our antics caused you concern that was never the intention, I would type more but I am laughing far too much and have just felt a large and ghostly clip around the ear from Mummy Pollie :-)

    Love Tan

  2. How did I miss this on the forum?! You naughty....beaders :D

  3. It was a few years ago now Sandie. Aww bless Pollie, she was so lovely.


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