Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Birthday Blog Box - content update

At the beginning of December I did an update of what is in The Birthday Blog Box, this is your final update as in less than a months time the box will be offered up as a prize draw!  Whoop  :)

So let's have a look at what is what is in the box right now.......

crocheted facecloth in 100% cotton.  So luxurious to use, but natural too  :)

Three pairs of beaded earrings - fun, fashion jewellery on plated wires.

A cutesy memory wire coil bangle, easy to wear and just the thing to brighten up any outfit.

A chunky cosy earwarmer head thing  (daughter not included) in muted shades of green.

A folksy style felt hanging heart decoration.  Suitable for all year round. not just for Christmas  :)

A bar of handmade soap.

A cutesy crocheted Owl as mentioned on THIS blog post.

A Bead & Wire bracelet kit.

A hand-made fused glass pendant, made by me :)

9 tubs of different colour glass beads in various sizes.

A set of tutorials for beginners Beadweaving.  Colour, step-by-step print outs so you can learn all these stitches and clasps too!

Oooo, it's like the Generation Game isn't it?  Perhaps I should get you all to recite what is in it to win in  ;)

There are still a few days left for things to be popped into the box, so, watch this space.... as they say  :)

On the 19th February I will open a draw and whatever is in the box will go to one lucky (randomly chosen) winner  :)


  1. What a lovely box of gorgeousness for someone to win, lots of luck people xx


  2. I hope you will be joining in too Tan :)

    1. No, I shall leave it for some other lucky soul although I may need to hunt them down for the red heart xx

  3. Phew! That's a box of goodies and a half!
    Love the idea of a crocheted facecloth :-)
    Carrie xxx

  4. Hope you will join in Carrie.


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