Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pea & Mint Soup

Would you look at the colour of this soup?  How vibrant!  And delicious too.

I did my usual scavenging of the reduced section in the supermarket and grabbed these peas for 10p and a bunch of fresh mint for 5p.

I chucked a chopped up celery stick in the Soup Maker with a little oil and sautéed it.

Then I chopped up the mint - the smell was gorgeous, fresh minty goodness wafting through the kitchen.

I chucked it all in the pot with the peas and a chopped up potato to thicken.

Covered it with water.

Then left it alone for 20 minutes to cook before blending until smooth.

Yummy, healthy and only cost around 10p a bowl!!


  1. Wow what a fantastic colour and healthy and a bargain to boot!! Can't be bad :)

    1. Better than the one I am currently eating, looks like.......... let's just say, curry powder and butternut squash make an unappealing colour.


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