Thursday, 4 June 2015

H2only Challenge

At the moment I am taking part in the RNLI H2only challenge.  Which is exactly that...... H2o only!

Yup, only water for 10 days. No tea, no fizzy pop, no juice, no wine, just water.

Aghhhh, piece of cake....... I thought  :/

So I expected it to be difficult mentally, like talking myself out of a glass of wine on an evening, or when out for a meal, or breaking the habit of having two brews when I get up on a morning.  What I didn't prepare for was the pysical beating it would take on my body.

Day 1:
I felt grumpy.  In fact my first words were expletives as I walked down the stairs and Hubster offered me a glass of water.  I was ready, right then, to fail.  But I had hot water and grumped a little more.
In fact, I grumped all day.  I grumped at the poor nurse doing my well-women check up, I grumped at my daughter (who, incidentally, grumped back at me as we are doing it together), I grumped at Hubster then I went into work and grumped at my colleagues too, I even grumped on Facebook to anyone who would listen.

Day 2:
I was dying.  I had to get up to go and do a radio interview, I felt super grumpy, but plastered a smile and performed well (I think), but once home my head was splitting with the most excruciating pain.  I couldn't move my head a millimetre without it hurting.  I had loads to do - patterns to write, blogs to write, parcels of beads to pack, a blanket to finish and a birthday cake to make.  I couldn't do anything, so I went to bed to try and sleep it off.
I got up at 3.00pm, hurriedly iced the cake that I had luckily baked in the morning, had a quick wash and went to work to do the back-shift.  I got through that shift on two pro plus tablets (caffeine), two paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen.
It took the edge off it enough for me to work, but I was foggy, forgetful and having total blanks to performing tasks that I do all the time.

Day 3:
Didn't sleep well at all, not content with giving me a sleepless night, my brain decided to give me hallucinatory dreams in the rare times that I was asleep.  Thanks for that brain, most useful.  So I woke disoriented, foggier than yesterday and very tired.  But no headache!  Whoop!
The headache made it's appearance about 2.00pm, so at least I got the morning off.
Not feeling quite so bad today all-in-all.  I'm trying not to take any painkillers today as there doesn't seem a lot of point in giving up a drug (caffeine) to fill the space with other drugs, but they are not locked away just yet.

Only 7 days to go......

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