Saturday, 5 September 2015

Kid's Club summer classes 2015

This year I held a range of summer workshops for young folks at Hobbycraft in Carlisle.

Every Tuesday I had a drop in workshop for younger children, aged 3-12 ish.  It was £2.00 per child to attend and we made..... 

Beaded Bangles:

Peg DragonFlies / Butterflies

Shrink plastic keyrings.  (Minions was the choice of the day :) )

Paperclip Necklaces

Polymer Clay Beads

And finally, in the last week,  Finger Tree Canvas.

I think lots of fin was had by all and the sessions were really well attended, which is always nice.

Planning for next year already  :)

Thanks for coming, if you did.


  1. Rebecca loved every one. We have even purchase sharpies and shrink plastic! ! Thank you. . See you next year ☺ Vicki

    1. I'm so pleased she enjoyed it, she's a little cutie :)


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