Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summer classes for young folk - 2015

Following on from my Kid's Club post about the classes I held in Hobbycraft  over the summer every Tuesday........ also on offer, each Friday was a schedule of classes for older young folk age about 8-16, this was a more structured class with a skill to be learnt.

The first week I had a group of young ladies that came to learn how to use a sewing machine.   They threaded bobbins, threaded the machine, changed the needle and the presser foot, tried out different stitches and finally went on to make their very own pin cushion each.

The next week we did recycled rag-rug making, using hessian backing and old clothing to make the designs.  I forgot to grab an end photo, but they would take a bit of finishing off at home anyway  :)

But, a couple of weeks later one of the young ladies brought this in to show me - she had finished her rug, isn't it glorious?   The voile fabric works so well with the others to make it luxurious.

Following on from that was a knitting class.   Although they had a choice of lots of colours of yarns, they all seemed to pink pinks and purples, except one who chose green to match her green needles  :)

The week after knitting was crochet.  Lot's of hooking going on, and just check out that Granny Square!

Simply fabulous for a young beginner.

The following week was learn to Patchwork, and I am so annoyed that I forgot to get an end photo for this one as we had an array of brightly coloured patchwork flower, which were so beautiful.

And finally, we did Bunting, on the sewing machines.   Great fun was had with this class, and the bunting produced was brilliant, so colourful and cheery - something every girl should have for her room!

And didn't they do well, they looked pretty pleased with their makings   :)

Thank you all for attending, it was lovely to meet everyone and I hope to see you again at future events.


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