Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Brampton Stroke Association and their Christmas Stockings

I know it is a bit late to show off Christmas decorations, but I really wanted to show you this fabulous collection of Christmas Stockings.

I was asked to "go and give a talk" at a Stroke Association group in a town near where I live.  The only thing is, I don't like to give talks, I like to give play times, I like people to mess about and get creative.   So I suggested that they all make a little Christmas decoration for their trees.

Stockings seemed like a good one to do.  So I took the pattern, loads of felts, needles, scissors.... the lot... in a bog box and we all played for a couple of hours.

Loads of fun seemed to be had, and as you can see, some lovely stockings were produced   :)

If you would like me to come and "not give a talk" at your group, let me know   ;)

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