Monday, 2 August 2010

A session on the torch.

It has been ages since I managed to fire up the torch, there is always something else that needs doing first, but on Saturday I had some time all to myself and thought 'why not...'

The problem was I had bead block, what to make, what colours to use, what shapes to do?

I sat for ages just staring at the flame doing nothing and no ideas were jumping into my head.
Instead, I grabbed the glass that was already hanging about the workbench and made a long tube, added some silver ivory stringer, which was also left over from the last session, and poked and prodded it about before encasing it.
I continued with this mish-mash of designs bead after bead, some I shaped, some I made into nuggets (which photograph really badly, making them just look wonky) and some I pressed with the mashers to flatten.
So I ended up making all these without taking any new glass off the shelf, a good nudge back into beadmaking I think :)

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