Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Introducing Madarts

For Christmas I got a lovely piece of artwork from my sister, Julie.  Her friend Maddie had created it and she thought it was right up my street.  It certainly was!

Here it is.....

I love the way the background variates down through the pictures.

I had met Maddie before so I added her on Facebook and liked her MADARTS page.

While browsing through her images I found another that I totally loved, this one reminded me so much of one of my favourite places, Marrakesh, I just simply had to have it.

Makes me long to be back there every time I look at it.

As I have been sorting out and getting rid, I gave Maddie a few bags full of stuff to sell on her eBay site, in return I got given another piece of her art, this one....

It works so well on the wall with the other two.

I have my eye on another as we speak, I love this, the colours just totally work for me.

Go have a look yourself, there may be something you like  :)


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