Friday, 25 April 2014

This old cupboard

.... was dug  out of the gardening shed at the weekend during a big "tidy up" event.  (We had a tick list of "to do" jobs and everything!!)

It is wood, no chipboard in sight, so it seemed a shame to chuck it away.

Now Daddy L has been messing about with bits of old furniture and tins of Annie Sloan paint, he made this - isn't it grand?

So I thought this draw unit might be a nice little project for him  (and he can give it back to me when it is all nice and lovely and useable again).

That draw still in there is stuck fast, the knob just falls off in your hand when you try and open it.

The drawers are lined with beautiful old lining paper, it's a shame it has to go really.

My Mum has promised to give it a good scrub with bleach and leave it in the sun to dry, then Daddy L will have a nice clean blank canvas to start on.

Mind you, his reaction when I showed him it was "chuck it on the bloody tip"!

I sneaked it into his car when he wasn't looking   :)

Watch this space.

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  1. can't wait to see the result ... it looks like it has potential :)


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