Tuesday, 9 September 2014

One of my "work in project"s - Crochet Bag

I so wish I could finish one project before starting another.   

As we speak I truly believe I have three projects on the go - a crochet floor mat, a crochet flowery thing and a patchwork panel.  I think of these three things as they are the projects that I have on the go in the living room, when in reality, up in the craft room, I have about 25, and I am being cautious with that estimate.

As I move rooms  (this move is taking me ages as I am sorting out EVERY box as I go) I am finding more and more half-done projects.

In the hope that blogging about them will give me the push needed to finish, here is the first one.

A crochet bag.  You can find the pattern HERE if you fancy a go yourself, but remember it is written in US crochet terms.

Using the yarn I had left from the crochet jumper I made way back in November 2013, I started a bag.  Although I did run out and have to go and find some more.  Alas when I went to get a new ball the shop didn't stock that shade, so I decided to grab a different shade.  I actually think mixing the shades worked better in this case.

Loads of ends to weave in, hands up if you hate sewing in ends  **both hands waving madly in the air**.

And there we have it  (still with ends to work) a bag shape nevertheless.

I have bought handles and a funky lining, just need a push to get it finished now.

Push me.... PUSH ME!!


  1. Lovely colours, the mixed shades and lovely hues really work well. I've seen the pattern recent myself and thought about making random grannies. Should get on that really - but I'm a little like you - I need to finish more projects before starting the next

    1. It's hard not to start a new one when you get an idea though, always fearful the that idea will disappear if I don't make a start on it ;)


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