Friday, 19 September 2014

The Reghed Knit & Stitch Show

Just last week I heard about the Reghed "Knit & Stitch" show - actually, I did hear rumours a few months ago, but forgot all about it.

So when it was mentioned again recently I mentally punched myself in the face for not organising a table.   Still, it was worth a phone call, just to see if there was room for a little one.

And there was!   Whoop  :)

So, on Sunday morning, we packed up the car and off we went,

The table was half the size we usually get, but I wanted that as I wanted to see if I could manage a little one, and we did by taking a grid-wall stand and using some boxes to lengthen the display a little.

And we got to share our "back room space" with a bloke in a Kilt ;)   aka Mainsforth Alpacas.

I didn't overload the table with packages this time, I pulled them out of boxes from underneath as people requested them.   The white tableclothes were provided and I must say, look better than my usual burgundy, so I will be investing in one of those.

Then just after lunch, Hubster returned from 'stretching his legs' to tell me they had "Veggie Scotch Eggs in the Deli".

A what??

"A Veggie Scotch Egg, but they only have one left".

Well, I nearly knocked the table over trying to get out - forgetting in the meantime to ask where the Deli even was in the building.  So I spent a good five minutes running about Mr Bean style, trying to find this elusive Scotch Egg.

As you can see, I did, and I ate it all, despite already having had my healthy, low-calorie packed lunch just an hour or so before.

Yum, next on my list of things to try and make I think  :)

All in all, a good day.  We met a good few people that follow us on Facebook  (big wave if you are reading), sold some stuff, chatted about Alpacas a lot (interesting creatures those) and made a bit of money, 10% of which was donated to The Manchester Dogs Home appeal.

Thanks for coming, if you did, and hope to see you again soon  :) 

If you have never been to Reghed, it is definitely worth a half-day out, load of things to see and do there.  It is just a few minutes drive off the M6, junction 40.


  1. Glad you had a good day, Sooz. Hope this brings you lost of kit customers

  2. Mmmh! Scotch egg! Glad you got the last one. Sounds like a lovely day

    1. I really need to try and make some, craving them now :)


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