Saturday, 29 November 2014

Some more camera shots, with colour selector

Last week I shared a few photos with you, after playing with my new camera.  You can find the post HERE if you want to look back.

This week I played with a fabulous little effect called "Colour Selector", and here are a few shots for you to look at   :)

The camera picks out the colour you set it to pick out, and leaves the rest black & white.   Quite effective don't you think?

The next two shots are the same rosehip bush but selecting a different colour.  One picking out the rosehips and the next picking out the leaves.

And here is one I took in a restaurant, I like the atmosphere it hints at, moody with a hint of red passion  :)

Then there is this one.  The red selection has picked out the colour in the wine, the chilli in the naan and the tomatoes on top of the Biryani  :)

Such fun.  (little things please little minds, as they say.)


  1. Lot's of us have little minds. Really enjoy your pix and experiments.

    1. I am so glad I am not alone with my little mind Maggie :)


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