Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sukie the Sirdar Woolly Doll

Recently, when I was going through my Mum's old vintage patterns, I came across this.... Sukie, the Sirdar Woolly Doll.

Did you ever have one?

They were quite the thing when I was young, I remember having a few, although my very favourite one was purple. 

Well, it would seem very rude not to make one when the pattern is there in front of me, would it not?

I might make one tonight, do you fancy joining me?  :)


  1. Yes I would! Especially if I can share it with the craft class I volunteer with my local school. The highly imaginative principal has brought knitting and wool crafts into their art curriculum. They are enjoying it.

    1. It's a really vintage pattern, it may well be out of copyright by now (30 years), but only if they haven't reproduced it since then.


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