Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A super chunky, ribbed crochet blanket.

I was asked to do a commission piece a little while back.

The yarn had to be super chunky and the design just a basic rib.

Sure, I could do that.  And I did.

I used the Soft & Chunky W.I. Yarn, which is a 70% acrylic / 30% merino mix.  The colour was a gorgeous shade of grey.

I actually loved this so much that I have a plan to make one for myself... eventually, once I have finished everything else that is.  (like that will happen!!)

I quickly found that I couldn't knot the yarn in as I went as it showed up quite badly, and I couldn't wait until the end of a row to restart a new piece of yarn as I would be wasting far too much, so I had to "splice"

I split apart the fibres of both the old yarn and the new one, then plaited them together before smoothing it out to be the same thickness as the yarn.
It worked really well and you honestly cannot see the joins.

This was a work in project, if you are wondering what the little tail is mid way up  - I have since trimmed it off   :)

The customer seemed delighted with this, as I would hope, because if not I wanted it back!   :)

Now, what colour should I make mine?

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