Thursday 5 September 2013

Blocking cotton crochet

Working on my Diploma in Crochet, once finished my samples I was really unchuffed (my own word) to find they were rolled and curled and generally looking a bit scruffy.

So I decided to block them.

You know when you get a new jumper and you wash it and then pull it into shape to allow it to dry?  (no??, me neither actually, shove it in the dryer, hope for the best!!)  Well, that is simply what 'blocking' is all about.

You wash it, pull it into shape, and allow it to dry.  Except for acrylic, then you steam it.

Then I washed them gently, wrung them out even gentlier (word?) laid them on a tea-towel and cajoled them into shape before folding over the tea-towel to make a parcel.

I then took them outside and laid the folded up tea-towel parcel on the roof of my car to dry in the sun-shine  :)

Much better don't you think?

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  1. much better ... I use my ironing board for blocking if the piece is small enough.
    Use pins, pin the piece in shape on the board, stand the whole thing outside or inside in the sunshine ... works a treat.
    Amazing how many different ways there are to achieve the same thing, isn't it?


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