Friday 27 September 2013

Leafy Crochet Scarf

Whilst browsing the other day I came across this cute pattern - a leafy scarf.  It was a photo tutorial which was easy enough to work out.   But in case you fancy having a go, here is a written version for you.

An EDC is an American term for an "Extended Double Crochet".  Imagine you are crocheting a Treble, you pop your hook through the stitch, pull through the yarn  (3 loops on hook), yarn around, through two, yarn aroundm through two.  Well with an EDC you pop your hook through stitch, pull yarn through (3 loops on hook) then yarn round, through one, yarn round, through two, yarn round, through two.  Got it?  Good.

  • Chain 8, EDC into 1st ch, Chain 3, EDC into 1st ch, chain 4, turn.
  • Into that first chain space of 3, work 8  ECD  (the first 4 chain counts as 1), then chain 2, EDC into the 3rd stitch along, Chain 3 then EDC into the same space, Chain 4, turn.
  • .... and that is it!    Just repeat the last row.
Off you go then  :)

It makes quite a thin scarf but when doubled over like the above photo it looks really good around a neck.  It's never going to keep you warm in a howling wind, but it makes a wonderful accessory.

I used James C Brett yarn - Moonlight Sonata, which is mainly acrylic with a touch of wool and mohair, and of course some sparkle.

I love the way it runs through the colour changes.


  1. Lovely! I bought this same yarn at the creative stitches show last month just because I liked the colors now that I have recently learned to crochet I might give this a go! Did you do this with just one ball ?

  2. Hi Yvonne, yes just one ball, in fact there was quite a lot left. I love this colour range too, it's so pretty.


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