Friday, 28 February 2014

Bob Marley Crochet Rasta Hat

For the last year or so the monthly challenge themes on the Bead Buddies forum that I moderate, are colours.  But this year we have changed to themes to spice it up a little.

The first theme of the month (February as we were too late to get January's sorted) was "Bob Marley" chosen because it is the great man's birthday in February.

I immediately thought of a rasta style beanie with dreadlocks.

What fun I had with this.   I just did a regular beanie hat, but made it longer in the body (or should that be head?) so it sagged at the back.  

Then I added curls of crochet as dreads, sewing them into the hem of the hat.

It has brought much hilarity when people try it on.  My most favourite photo is Hubster looking cross while wearing it - he won't let me show anyone, but trust me, it's hilarious.

In the meantime, here are some other silly people wearing the "Bob Marley Crochet Rasta Hat".

Daddy L
Mother V

Edited 11/01/15:  I have now written up the pattern for this hat and you can find it here...



  1. so funny! might make one myself lol

  2. Thanks Sandie, really enjoyed making this one.

  3. Thanks Sooz!!!
    Been looking for a pattern just like this, is there a pattern for this here?
    You're inspirational!! Just started crocheting and would love to work my way up to making this :D xx

  4. Hi Karla, thanks for the comment. There is no pattern as such but I can easily scribble one down for you - email me at, or message me via Facebook (Soozintheshed) as it's easier to chat that way :)

  5. You can find the pattern here now .....


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