Thursday, 27 February 2014

Decisions, decisions...

I have just recently purchased a pattern from the very talented Marken from The Hat & I.

You may remember I did her Owl Obsession Blanket a while ago for a work colleague.

While browsing her patterns I found a little beauty called The Dreamer, which I thought was really rather nice.

While visiting Etty-Lilly in Morecambe last week I bought two balls of yarn, one of them was the James C Brett Woodlander DK in the pink shades  (L8).

So I started making this pattern. I adapted it slightly as I couldn't get mine to sit right, it's not very different really, just the odd stitch change, which meant the edging rows are slightly different too.

One ball did just under 12 motifs, which obviously was not enough for anything really.   As it happens my daughter Shona was in Morecambe that weekend so I asked her to pick me up two more balls.   It is still not really enough so going to have to go find some more!

In the meantime I can't decided whether to join them in a random assortment, or go for a colour blending effect.

What do you think?


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