Thursday 27 March 2014

A bundle of vintage lovelyness

You know I like to potter around car boot and table top sales don't you?   Well, last Sunday there was a big one in the local leisure centre.  I do try to make the effort to go and have a pootle about if it is on, but it is very crowded as they cram a lot of tables into the space.  
People barge into you and grab things as you look at them, it is not a place for the faint-hearted, and manners seem to be left at the door!

But I did manage to pick up this.... a bundle of vintage tray cloths and doilies, for just one shiny pound!

One whole super shiny pound coin - what a bargain.  (Actually, the woman looked at me as though I was nuts, perhaps she thought it might not sell!)

Look at all these lovely bits and pieces.  Did I tell you it was just one shiny pound?

So, there are little bits, lacy bits, embroidered bits.

Covers for the backs of chairs - I remember my Nana having those when I was younger.  Woe-betide if you messed them up!

Possibly hankies, but they are a little small I think.  Perhaps ladies had more delicate noses back then.  I need a Kleenex man-size for my hooter.

Beautifully embroidered tray cloths, a little yellowing in places, but gorgeous all the same.

And this, I think it is a small pillow or cushion case.  Pretty nevertheless.

I have a cunning plan of what to do with these bits, so watch this space  :)


  1. What a bargain, some of those old pieces are absolute gems and luckily most people still see them as old tat. The work in them is stunning and I like the yellowing bits, it speaks of their life.

    T x

  2. I am hoping that the idea I have will give them a completely new lease of life, while retaining some of their beauty.

  3. not old tat at all ... I have a cupboard full of that kind of stuff ... that tray cloth with the blue edges looks like one of mine ... Well ... will you need any more of these things ... let me know ... I may be able to find some out for you ;)

  4. You might change your mind when you see what I do with them Margret ;)

  5. Lovely a treasure forgot but re found. And lucky to b found by u xxx

  6. Can't wait to get started on it :) In fact, I might go and start right now.


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