Saturday 29 March 2014

Sally the Singer

Last week I had a bag making session with Marie from Nim & Num.  The night before, when I was confirming that she was still coming, she answered with "Yes, Stuart is already waiting by the door"


Well, it turns out that Stuart is her sewing machine.  I suppose being a Brother machine he needed a boy's name, so Stuart it became.

I got my sewing machine out - a Singer - and looked at her sadly (because I think it is a her) as she was unnamed.  Aww poor little sewing machine whose owner doesn't love her enough to give her a name.

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about a nice name for my sewing machine - yeah, honestly, I really have nothing better to do.  The name that keeps popping in my head is Sally.

I keep pushing it back out again as I have a couple of friends called Sally so I really can't name my sewing machine that, can I?

But the name won't go away, so I think I will have to give in and give it to her.

Meet Sally the Singer.

The "creative director" of Vogue magazine is called Sally Singer, so Google tells me.

Well, could have been worse, could have been Sally the Swinger..... I'll get my coat  ;)

Do you name your machines/gadgets/etc....?


  1. Oh no, my poor Bernina has never had a name, but boy there is some love there!

  2. Bernie? Or is that way too obvious? :)


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