Friday, 28 March 2014

New Biorb aquarium

I stumbled across a fabulous bargain last week on a Facebook local selling page - a Biorb 60L Aquarium, and the chap just wanted £20 for it!   They sell for £200 new in that size.

So, of course, I bought it.  I have been lusting after some Puffer fish for a while now, but they need their own tank as they tend to eat their tank mates.  I have a tropical tank already that has some neon tetras, cherry barbs and other little fishies in it.   I like fish tanks, they have a calming effect somehow.

So, I ended up with this huge Orb that measured half a meter wide.  Where was it going to go?

I spotted the wine rack, in the corner of the room, and decided that that would be the place for it.  The wine could go into the dining room where it was probably better suited.

Plus I never dust them, preferring more of a 'grubby old cellar' look - they look like expensive bottles with a bit of dust don't you think?

Champers anyone?  I have 4 bottles.   Don't care for the stuff. What should I mix it with to make it taste nice?

32 dusty bottles later and I could lift the wrought iron rack out from the corner.

In goes the Orb, which then meant having to walk back and forth from the kitchen with a small bucket to fill it up!

It has to be set up and running to do a 'fishless cycle', which basically means getting the water up to temperature, adding the salt (as Puffers need a bit of salt) and running it until the good bacterias are present and working - in order to keep waste at bay.

It need to run for at least a week, probably more like two, then after some tests it should be ready for my new puffer babies.

Hmmmmmm, someone is already showing an interest.

I was a little naughty with a rep that came to sell me some crafty stuff, I asked him to try and spot the fish while I went to make a brew.  He was still peering into the orb when I returned so I had to admit there wasn't actually any fish in there yet.

Hopefully I can get you a photo of the new fellas when they arrive, fish are always hard to photograph I find.


  1. Lychee liqueur with the champagne... (or brandy and a sugar cube if you're feeling champagne cocktails...) we got through 4 bottles in 4 nights on honeymoon and i cant stand the stuff... but the lychee saved it (it'd probably work with passoa or something too)

  2. Ohh, never had Lychee liquer. I do like passoa though, thanks for the tips :)

  3. You don't like champagne?!
    Do you like Bellinis? That's the only adulteration of champagne that I countenance :)
    Otherwise, how about a kir royale (.e. with crème de cassis)?

  4. Do Champagnes taste different then? I've only had a couple and hated both of them. Not sure which ones I had though.


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