Thursday, 28 August 2014

One birthday, two cakes.

Last Tuesday was my daughter's 21st birthday (my youngest child, gulp!!)  and she requested a "Barbie" cake - 'like what she had when she was young'.

Well, she actually had two Barbie style cakes over the years (other fashion dolls are available) -  a Mermaid and the Princess style with a ballgown.

Marie, her partner, decided to make her the mermaid style.  This was for the Sunday when they were having a small house party.

So, she popped round to my house, as they have an electric oven which they haven't quite worked out how the temperatures work on yet, and of course I have all the gadgets too - the electric whisk, the pipping bags etc...

So I guided her with hints and tips and off she went.

Didn't she do a marvellous job?  Just look at all those fish scales piped on with precision.

(Although dolly did have to have her legs amputated for the changing into a mermaid event  :) )

On Tuesday, I thought Shona should really have a cake for the actual day too, so off I went to buy another dolly, this one has managed to keep her legs though, although she was a bit tall for the cake I had made  (next time I will buy the doll first).
I had to build the waist area up a little bit with extra fondant so she looks a little strangely shaped around the waistline.

Still, she liked it  :)

Happy 21st Shona :)

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