Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sparkly Wooden Baubles

I found a page over on Facebook called Jamie's Wood Craft.   They were offering up these fabulous bauble shapes with names inside.  Perfect for personalised Christmas gifts, I thought.  So I ordered a few  :)

I set to work with some DecoArt acrylic paint, which gave a lovely coverage.  I did three coats to give me a lovely smooth finish.

I bought the paint in pale pink, pale blue, Christmas green & Christmas red.

I painted them according to what colour I thought the recipient would like most   :)

Then stuck some self-adhesive  gemstones on them  :)   
I used tweezers to pick the stones up, and a darning needle to usher them into place, but I used my finger to make sure they were well pushed on - it was quite sore by the end.  Do you see the dent?  Crafting injury that  :)

On Hope's bauble I gem-stoned her name as well as the bauble edge.  I had to do this on her big brother, Harvey's bauble too, as you have to keep them the same you know  :)

But all the others I just did the edges as I thought leaving the names plain maybe made them easier to read.

Finished  :)

I have to say I am chuffed with how these worked out.

Of course I have to give them out before Christmas day so they can be hung on the Christmas trees.  All recipients seem pleased with them so far   :)

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