Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ain't friends great?

This blog post is a great big fat THANK YOU to a friend and colleague, Amanda.

In my usual haphazard way I started a project with some scraps of wool, thinking I would have enough, but as I wasn't following a pattern I could not be totally sure.

I was using a yarn that came with a Crochet collection, you got a different colour each week, but sometimes repeated.  As I had collected all of the yarns it made a decent enough pile to look as though I could work a project with it.

Alas, it was not to be, I ran out a long way short of the finished item, and as I had sewn the components together as I went, I couldn't even fill the gaps with other colours unless I was to take the whole thing apart again.

Now normally you could just go and buy another ball of yarn, but I didn't know what make it was, it wasn't DK and it wasn't chunky, it wasn't white and it wasn't quite cream.

I sighed a lot, had a little rant at myself - well actually it was at everyone else but they ignored me - then put a rant on my Facebook page too.

Ain't friends great?   They commented on my rant and one of them suggested that someone else might have the same yarn.  Why didn't I think of that?? D'oh!

I remembered a colleague at work having the same collection, I wondered if she would let me have some of her cream yarn if I begged enough.

I barely had to beg at all, she just handed it over and a load more besides.  I was so chuffed I did a happy dance in the car-park.

Project now back under-way, I have more than enough to complete and it is all down to great friends, one having the good idea and one handing over her yarn  :)

There is a little note in my head to make her something nice one day to say thank you, I certainly owe her.

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  1. How nice, and how nice that good deeds you've done in the past are being reciprocated.

    The individual segments work so well against the ivory background.


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