Wednesday 28 August 2013

Crochet bolster cushion

Finally finished the project I ran out of yarn for.

I bought this bolster cushion in Dunelm Mill a wee while ago when I went into buy the round pad for my Blossom cushion, for some reason I couldn't resist it!

I picked up some yarn and a hook, and with no real idea of what I wanted to do, just started to crochet.

I decided to do Granny Hexagons, makes a difference from squares. I did a starburst effect where you hook in between the stitches rather than into the actual stitch itself, I like the pattern this gives.

Then I sewed them together, trying to make sure that the colours were not touching (there's no such thing as 'random' you know :) )

Actually, I didn't really sew them together, I hooked them together using a slip stitch into the outer loops only, which made the edges stand out and look like actual patchwork.

Of course, before I could finish I ran out of yarn & had to ask a friend for help.

Once I had enough to wrap around the bolster cushion I realised I would need to fill in the edge gaps as they were missing half a hexagon (is there a mathematical name for half a hexagon?). I decided the only thing that would suffice was ...... half a hexagon! But how?

It took me four attempts to get the numbers right, as the hexagons were worked in rounds, but the half hex had to be worked in rows, but I got there in the end.

For the ends I just made a round using all the colours and sewed (hooked) it into place.

I'm rather pleased with this I have to say, my sister has just put her order In for one in shades of brown & red, then I think I might need another for the other side of my sofa as it's so comfy!

If you fancy making one, give me a few days to write the pattern out & you can have a go yourself. (If it gets past a week, nag me)


  1. Wow thats brilliant,

  2. Very good!
    Just caught up with your Weight to go blog, which I missed earlier, thanks to Gmail's daft new division of emails. How are you getting on? Is the Malory band still working and have you beaded it yet?

  3. Thank you all :)

    Sandie, all going ok at the moment, not beaded it yet, but there is time :)

  4. Have you come up with directions? I would love to make this...

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  6. Have you written the directions? I would love to make this!

    1. I have them scribbled down, I will put it on my list of things to write up :)

  7. I just came across this and would love to make one. Is the pattern available please?


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