Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Sewing Bee (Yep, really, a sewing BEE!!)

Last month I was working on a secret project that I couldn't share with you as it was to be judged in a competition.  The competition was held at Hobbycraft's 20 year birthday celebrations down in Bournemouth.   (I didn't go, I just made the entry ;) )

The brief was "make something in connection with the Sewing Bee".....  hmmm, what can I make, I wondered, when Hubster piped up "A Sewing Bee"

The man is a genuis!!

So, I set to work, making a Sewing Bee.

A quick sketch planned out what I wanted to create.

Before I started building him up.  With a cotton face and underbody, and a furry over body, he then got a tape measure for legs.

Netted wings held in place by mini scissors.  (you can see it but I was watching The Sewing Bee while making a Sewing Bee  ;)  )

Time for a closer look at all this bits and bobs  :)

So, we have mini scissors holding the netted wings in place, then a needle threader added to hide the stitches holding the scissors on  :)

Safety Pins for eyebrows, buttons for eyes, a plastic thimble for a nose.

A zip for a mouth, with a foil of pins and needles as a tongue  (glued in place for safety!)

Tape measure legs with a mini thread bobbin glued on the end of each one as little feet.

An un-picker for a stinger - although my son argued that it was in the wrong place.  My argument back was that he had buttons for eyes, a zip for a mouth, and scissors holding his wings on - he was never meant to be physically correct   :)

Ooooo, you could get a good sharp sting from that  :)

Then..... do you remember my Teeny Tiny Patchwork from the other day?  Well, it was to make a honeycomb style pin cushion.

Which I attached to the underside of the bee with velcro, so it is removable.

And Voilà!

The Sewing Bee was born   :)

He didn't win sadly,  he didn't even come close. But I enjoyed the challenge, and fun, of making him.


  1. What a shame he didn't win, I think he's brilliant!

    1. Thank you Caroline :) I have to say I was a little disappointed that he didn't win either :)


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