Monday, 23 March 2015

Crochet Along - Afghan Blanket - Square 3

If you would like to know what this Crochet Along is about, then please click on INTRO to read all about it  :)

Welcome to Square 3.

You can find previous squares by clicking on the links:
Square 1
Square 2

I am using Hayfield Bonus Aran yarn with a 4.5mm hook.  Gauge is not important, although all of the squares do need to be the same size.    Check they are square by folding your work into a triangle and seeing if the edges meet.  The pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

  • Chain 27, not too tight.

  • Now you are going to work into the 7th chain from your hook  (do not count the loop on your hook as a chain, work where the scissor point shows)

  • Work a Treble into this stitch  (Yarn round hook, through the stitch, pull yarn back through  (3 loops on hook) yarn around, pull through two stitches (2 loops on hook) yarn around, pull through 2 stitches  (1 loop on hook)

  • CH 1, then skip a stitch on the foundation chain - the next stitch will be placed into the stitch after the skipped one, as shown by the scissor point in the photo.

  • TR into this stitch.

  • Repeat the CH 1, SK 1, TR into the next all the way across, you will end on a TR in the last stitch.  You should have 11 holes.

  • CH 4  (this counts as a TR stitch (3) and a CH 1 on the start of your next row) and turn.

  • Skip the next stitch and TR into the next, which is the top of the TR post from the row below - as shown by the scissor point in the photo.

  • CH 1, SK 1, and TR into the next stitch, as shown by the scissor point.

  • Repeat the CH 1, SK 1 and TR all the way along - end on a CH 1 before working into the end stitches.
  • The last TR needs to be worked in the turning chain from the row below.  Two stitches in, as shown by the scissor point in the photo.

  • This is your pattern for this square.  Repeat the rows until you have 11 rows in total  (11 holes up and 11 holes across)

Make another 11 of these squares - 12 in total.

This is how your week three squares will work within the final make-up.

I will be back next week with Square number 4.


  1. Hi Sooz - I love your blog and have been following for quite a while. I am definitely going to have a go at the crochet squares. I learned myself to crochet last year and I feel I still have a lot to learn but your tutorials sound so easy I am sure I will be ok. I have just started a blog called a view to the fells ( and would be grateful for any tips and advice. Many thanks Joan

  2. Hi Joan, jump on in with that hook, I am sure you will be just fine :)

    Your blog looks interesting with some good content. The only thing I might change is the size and style of the font. Fancier fonts are so much harder to read through I feel, and the larger size also makes it harder. Constructive I hope :) I am going to go and try your date shortie recipe now ;)


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