Sunday, 8 March 2015

Crochet Along - Afghan Blanket - Introduction

Last year I did a Crochet Along Mandala, which you seemed to quite enjoy doing.

So this year I am going to do a Crochet Along Afghan Blanket - anyone can join in, but I am aiming the instructions to be suitable for beginners so they can work something up quickly and be chuffed to bits with the results.

There will be 8 patterns over the next 8 weeks.  From each pattern square I give you, you will need to make up 12 squares.   (96 squares in total)  I will take step-by-step photos to make it easier for you to follow.  We will then join it all together and edge it if you wish to do so.

What yarn you use is up to you, use your stash if you like.  I have done a few quick (and rough) calculations below for you.

I am working mine in Aran weight yarn, with a 4.5mm hook.  The yarn is Hayfield Bonus Aran which comes in a huge 400g ball.   I am planning to use 4 different coloured balls for mine, making two lots of squares out of each colour. 4 balls in total = approx £31.96 + p&p using the link given

A friend has made a square up in Sirdar Bonus Chunky on a 5.5mm hook, and from quick calculations I estimate that two balls will get you the set of 12 squares, so you will need 16 balls in total = approx £28.64 + p&p using the link given.

Of course you can also do it in Double Knit with a 4mm hook, but this will come out quite a bit smaller, but would use up your stash well.  I have not tested this yarn weight, so the best thing would be to make a set of 12, weigh them, and work it out from there.  If you don't have enough stash to make a set of 12, then make as many as you can and change colour  :)

It is worth remembering that everyone has a different crochet tension - the gauge does not matter as long as the squares are all roughly the same size.  Stick to the same hook size throughout, blocking them will help bring them all into line, but we will cover that later on in the weeks  :)

At the end I will give you some time to complete and ask you to send in photos, (only if you wish to of course), anyone that sends a photo will be entered into a competition to win a little prize from me  :)  The winner will be judged by the followers of the Sooz In The Shed Facebook page.

So, are you ready for your first square?

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