Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Standfast & Barracks Fabric Factory Shop

On the way to a lovely weekend in Morecambe, we stopped off at Lancaster for lunch and in doing so passed a sign that said "Fabric Factory Shop"......Whoop !!!

So round the one way system we had to go and return to the car park of the Standfast & Barracks Factory on Caton Road, Lancaster.

The car park is situated over the busy road from the factory, and although the shop is signposted, there is no windows and you have to push open what looks like an old shed door to enter the building.
Of course, you push it quite gently, just in case you have the wrong door, then it is open and you see the most fabulous display of fabric staring right back at you!


So much to choose from, most of it curtain and upholstery fabric....

... but round the corner was a treat, a big pile of Liberty print fabrics.

I treated myself to some bargain fents (ends of fabrics).  Not sure what I will do with them yet, but I am sure I will think of something.

I also got two bundles of fat quarters of Liberty print fabric for just £2.00 a bundle!

And of course it would have been rude not to take advantage of the scrap bags for just £1.00 offer  :)  A carrier bag full of decent sized bits of fabric for just one shiny pound coin.

Keep an eye out for what I make  :)


  1. Hi - I've heard about this shop before and am going there later in the week. Is it in that old stone building somewhere? I've had it up on google maps but can't see any signs to it. Any help with what it looks like, or signage would be most appreciated. What have you made with your Liberty prints? My email is - so many thanks in anticipation.

  2. Thanks this is very helpful. Planning to go later this week and wasn't sure what to expect! (I'm excited!)

    1. Oooo you will love it. Let me know what you buy :)


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