Thursday, 2 May 2013

Harry the Sea-Turtle

I follow a blog from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs and last month a post came up mentioning an April Challenge.

The challenge was to knit a Sea-Turtle, from the pattern provided, within the month of April.

I am afraid I failed, slightly, I was two days late. I am so tardy, but I also have too many things on the go at once.

Anyway, I did finish the Turtle, that's the main thing, and I called him Harry.

Here is Harry my Sea-Turtle.

He has the most beautiful thick, tactile shell. Made with a slip stitch pattern which makes it work up to be really chunky and sturdy. I am thinking this pattern would be excellent for a knitted jacket.

Such a cute face too, I didn't have eyes as large as the pattern said, but I think the smaller eyes work well, and framed with eyebrows is just so sweet.

He has a patterned underbelly (he really did not like being flipped onto his side to have his belly photographed)

If you would like to see other people's Sea-Turtles, then HERE is the Ravelry thread where all the photos are held.

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