Friday, 3 May 2013

Knitted Sweet Treats

For any of you that follow my Facebook Page you will know that I have been knitting some random things of late.

Things such as Custard Creams, Battenburg Cake and Jam Tarts.

The reason for this is an up coming "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at Hobbycraft (25th & 26th May - all welcome)

All the colleagues are adding a little something tea party themed to display on the day. My offering was a plate of knitted cakes, and here they are...

First was a custard cream, I got this pattern from a knitting magazine.  Quick and easy to make and surprisingly people recognise it for what it is  :)

From the same magazine I got the pattern for the pink wafer.

Next I did the little swiss rolls, I made this pattern up as I went, and really they are a little out of proportion, but hopefully I wont be judged too harshly on them.

I also found a lovely little book at work which we sell for the charity "Together for short lives"  (I will be reviewing this book as April's book review, so keep an eye out for that)  In the book was a bit iced doughnut.  It was made on 4 DPN (double pointed needles) which is a little like knitting with a big, stiff, metal spider!  It was decorated with bugle and seed beads for sprinkles.

I then found a crochet pattern for these jam tarts, they worked up so quickly only taking a few minutes each to make.

Finally I did a slice of battenburg, I made this pattern up myself too as I went, very simple really, but looks quite effective.

A tower of knitted cakes.

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