Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another Festival Beanie Slouch Hat

So, just last week I made a Festival Beanie Hat from a Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs pattern.

As it was for Marie, I had to make another one for Shona.

She wanted it made longer so it sat further down on her neckline, so I added a good few more rows, including more fluffy bits.  Everyone loves fluffy bits!

The beauty about it being longer is that you can wear it long....or puff it up on top of your head.  Either way looks good.  (But the puffed up version looks so much more fluffier!)

All they need now is a festival...

Which do you prefer?  Short or long?


  1. Loving them both... but my vote is for the LONG one... everything in excess, I say!

  2. Thanks Sharon, they are so much fun to make!


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