Tuesday, 23 July 2013


We had a few days away this weekend  to visit the Royal International Air Show in Fairford.

We stayed at a Travelodge at Gloucester Quays and what a lovely one it was too! Some Travelodges can be a bit tired looking, but this one was modern, fresh, and at just £33 a night, great value for money.  It had air-con, a big squashy king-sized bed and was spotlessly clean.  (That's a phone on the bed, not something unmentionable  :) )

But guess what?  We checked into out room, went to the window to look at the view, and saw a Hobbycraft!  Just can't get away from the place  :)

Of course, I just had to go for a little visit  :)  Didn't make one purchase though, how good was I?

Underneath the Travelodge is an outlet shopping centre, so we had a lovely wander about on our first night, then ate at a Chinese buffet restaurant called Angel Chef which was very good, but full of noisy kids - and we ate too much!  Why do we always eat too much at buffet restaurants?  Making sure we are getting our moneys worth, that's why!

Just round the corner from the hotel was Cromwell Street.  Infamously linked with Fred and Rose West. Now, sad as it may seem, I have a morbid fascination with serial killers throughout the world and across the ages, and having read a lot of books on Fred West I thought it would be an opportunity missed if I didn't just visit and pay my respects to the poor girls who lost their lives to an evil couple.

The street was much narrower than I expected, the houses smaller than they looked in the news coverage, even though they were three story ones, and of course number 25 has now gone and in it's place is a few bollards and a walkway.

Back at the hotel I did some crocheting for my Cathedral Rose project - well, you have to take a project when you go away.

I will blog about the Airshow soon, once I have taken the photographs off my camera.

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  1. somehow my brain was not working well ... Gloucester is not so far from here ... I could have ... ... ... especially since I love the Quays ...
    Good to see you had a good time


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