Thursday 18 July 2013

Crochet Daisy Pattern

After fiddling about trying to make daisies for my hat, I made another but this time taking step-by-step photos - just for you.

I don't know if this has been done before, but quite probably, however this one came right out of my head - I banned myself from Googling a pattern as I wanted to see how I went with my experimenting.

You will need scraps of yellow and white yarn. I prefer the cotton yarn for these as it defines the stitched beautifully.  I used Rico Essentials Cotton DK in Banana and White.  I used a 4mm hook.

This tutorial is written in UK Crochet Terms.

So, start with yellow and a magic ring- this is simply a wrap of yarn around your fingers, and catch your first stitch into it.  It can be a little be tricky to master, but it means you can close that little hole up very close which looks a lot neater.

  • DC into the magic ring 12 times.
  • Pull the tail tight so the ring closes up.
  • Slip Stitch (SS) into the first DC to close.
  • Working on the INNER LOOPS only (see where my hook is?)
  • Attach white and Chain (CH) 9.
  • SS into the next INNER LOOP
  • Repeat all the way round.
  • CH 9, turn your work over and now you will be working into the OUTER LOOPS  (see them?)
  • Work as you worked the front, pulling your yarn through the last stitch to finish.
  • OK, it looks a little scraggy now so spread out your petals.
  • Work in the ends, leaving one long white one to use to sew your daisy onto whatever you might be sewing it on to and Voilà!
  • Make more.

Would love to see what you do with these, so be sure to send me some photos or a link.

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