Saturday 27 July 2013

Festival Beanie Slouch Hat

I have been testing patterns for Sharon from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs again, the last one I tested was the felted crochet bag, and before that the overly cute Sea Turtle who I named Harry.

I wanted to do this hat for ages after seeing Sharon's on her blog. I emailed her to see if she would be releasing a pattern and ended up being on of the lucky testers  :)

I offered to make one for Marie (above) and she wanted purple shades, so I picked a selection of purple (and complimenting) yarns, some glittery, some fluffy, some just plain, and got to work.

Sharon's instructions are very easy to follow, and the resulting hat was super funky and a little bit mad.

I think I will make another with a longer body, as this one didn't quite seem to be long enough, watch this space ......


  1. "super funky and a little bit mad" ... yes that is like Sooz ... love the hat :)

  2. Love it Sooz! Thanks for testing my pattern. I love your description "super funky and a little bit mad". It really is spot on :)

  3. I agree - spot on! I like the new cartoon rendering of you, too!

  4. You do? Makes me look younger huh? :)


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