Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Daisies around my Hat.

Remember my new hat?

Well, I really did think it needed a bit of something adding to it, so it looked a little more in my style.

Daisies, I thought.

As I am doing this Diploma in Crochet I thought I should stop Googling patterns and try and make them up as I go, which is exactly what I did.

I did two Daisies, one made of chain loops, and the other with petals of DC stitches.

This is the DC one....

And the chain loop one....


I asked the family which one they liked better, they chose the DC one.  I went with the chain one  :)   (Do you do that too?)

I have even written the pattern up as a little tutorial, it will be coming very soon, but in the meantime have a wee look at my daisied up hat.

Complete with Bumble Bee and Ladybird buttons that came free on a knitting magazine a while back.

What's that I hear?  Not another "Selfie", well yes, I am afraid it is - here you go...


  1. Those are brilliant! Go you - pattern-maker! You've really customised, or Soozised, the hat, too :)

  2. Thank you both :) Pattern just about to be uploaded.


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