Monday 1 July 2013

Crochet Flower Wreath

I have just finished crocheting a flowery wreath for my craft room door.

Wholly inspired by the one I found on Attic 24's blog, I set to work.

I bought a polystyrene ring from Hobbycraft and made a piece of crochet in Double Crochet stitch to cover it.  There was no shaping required, it pulled itself into place when being stitched together.

I then made 12 crocheted flowers in various shades of cream, pink and lilac, using different thicknesses and styles of yarn.

I added a plated acrylic button to the centre of each and attached them to the wreath, each one slightly offset against the previous.

I felt it needed leaves at the stage, but to keep the colour scheme running they would have looked a little bland, so I made the decision to "colour it in a bit" with a red, lime, teal and lavender coloured leaves.

I added a simple ribbon to hang and Voilà!

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