Monday 20 April 2015

Car, Plane, Bus & Train

So, if you follow my Facebook page you will already know about my recent exciting news, if not let me tell you...

I was offered the opportunity to go down to Hobbycraft HQ in Bournemouth to do some filming of various crafts for their website. I didn't actually get a huge amount of notice, less that a week in fact, and had plenty of samples to prepare for those 'here's one I made earlier' moments. As you can imagine, this last week has been pretty hectic.

Sunday started with a 7.00am alarm call. Hubster then checked the car (tyres, water, oil) for my mammoth journey of 70 miles to Newcastle Airport ;)

I set off at 8.00am.

My flight was at 11.45am, which actually ended up being 12.15pm due to the luggage having to be reloaded for some reason.

It was a bumpy old ride, good old cloudy England means a bit of tubulance here and there. The flight didn't worry me, I was quite happy because the passenger beside me didn't want the window seat - I love the window seat, but to change from my allotted seat was £14.00, so I thought I'd be stuck with starting down the aisle for an hour.

The rickety propeller plane didn't bother me either, although she was a noisy old bird. But then I can't say much different about myself, so us noisy old birds should stick together ;)

What did bother me was the young guy from a party of Stags, and while they all looked rather worse for wear, he was positively Shrek green.  He was sat opposite, in the row behind, and even before the plane left the ground he was gathering up the sick bags. Apparently a very bad traveller, as he informed a cabin full of people.
Now let me tell you, I have a huge intolerance of vomit. Even the sound of someone heaving is enough to have me retching in sympathy.  Seriously, if this guy was gonna puke, I was gonna match him, carrot for carrot!

Luckily I had two cards from the perfume counter at Departures, so I tore off bits of cardboard, rolled them up into tiny tubes and stuck one up each nostril - that was the risk of smelling vomit sorted. 
Next I stuck my headphones in with a good beat going on, that took away the risk of hearing anything.
And that's how I spent the next hour. Staring out of the plane window at a sea of fluffy white clouds concentrating hard on my music & hoping I wouldn't sneeze and shoot the woman in the seat in front with a piece of highly scented, snot covered cardboard.

We landed in good time after an impressive 45 minute flight. A quick,luggage collect and it was a 99 step (or so the sign said) trot to the airport station. Only there was no trains running & I had to jump on a bus.  

This may not be news to you but I don't travel on public transport very often so I was very impressed by the monitor that shows you the road in front :) (easily pleased!)

Next came a train ride from Southampton Central to Christchurch, travelling through the most beautiful New Forest National Park. I saw ponies :)

After a two minute walk from Christchurch station to my hotel, I had finally arrived at 4.00pm.

My journey consisted of a 1.5 hour car journey, followed by a 45 minute flight, then a 20 minute bus trip ending with a 30 minute train ride. So all in all not a lot of travelling, but it took me 8 hours :)


  1. Love the image of you projectile-snorting snot-covered, but delicately-scented, cardboard tubes at your neighbours! Glad it didn't happen!

    1. Me too :) But a much better option than the other.... ;)


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