Thursday, 19 February 2009

My first Blog - 19th Feb 2009

Hello :)

I have been wondering for a while wether I would have anything interesting enough for people to read, so I could Blog. I still don't know if I have anything interesting, but I will chat away, possibly to myself, and see what happens. :)

A brief introduction - I am Sue, or Sooz, either works, but never Suzie if you don't mind ! Along with my husband Andrew we run a retail and online Bead shop called The Bead Shed. We also teach beading and basic Lampworking, and run an online Bead Forum

So...this week has been quite exciting, so what a better place to start a Blog !

I treated myself to a Lampworking Workshop with Laura Sparling ( so on Tuesday Andrew and I travelled nearly 300 miles from our home in Carlisle to Oxfordshire.
Stupidly I had double booked with a sales rep, who wanted to show/sell me some beads, so a last minute change had to be made, and on Tuesday evening at 11.00pm at night, we found ourselves in a business meeting, looking at a suitcase of beads in a Holiday Inn hotel room !
I feel an order coming on ;)
Wednesday morning, I trotted off for my class with Laura.....

Apart from the fact that Laura makes gorgeously strong black tea (which believe it or not, many people cannot manage) but she also makes a blooming good bead or two. I really enjoyed myself and am now itching to get to my torch tomorrow - but duty calls, and I have three days worth of orders to plough through before I can light up the lamp.
I have been making beads for a few years now, but I do not get to use the torch very often due to work pressures, and when I do I work way too hot, way too quick and with very little motivation. This class was just the thing to awake my inspiration, and if you are reading this Laura - Thank You :)
So, now I am back home in Carlisle, I do like this little City - clean, friendly, and easy to find your way around. Not hugely looking forward to going to work tomorrow, I had a quick glance at the emails and realised there will not be much time, if any, for making beads tomorrow!


  1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your day (and the black tea!) and that you're all raring to get melting glass. You made some lovely beads, Sooz. :o)

  2. Your so kind, the beads were not lovely, but I have learnt enough to make lovely ones, there are some in the kiln now, so watch this space :)

  3. Welcome to blog land. Thanks for the comment on my blog.


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