Monday 24 June 2013

Rainbow Crochet Slipper Socks

How funky are these?

Rainbow slipper socks, bright and cheerful, they are just the thing to chase away the early morning blues  :)

They are crocheted using two strands together to make them thick and comfy.

Would you like to know how to make them?  OK then, just for you, here is a tutorial.

What you need:
  • Scraps of DK Yarn, I used Hayfields Bonus DK
  • 6mm Crochet Hook
  • Knitting Sewing Needle
Stitches used:
  • SS - Slip Stitch
  • HTC - Half Treble Crochet
Yarn patterning:

Use TWO strands of DK yarn held together.  For the rainbow pattern I started with RED and HOT PINK for 4 rows, then I dropped the RED, keeping the HOT PINK and picked up a PALE PINK (4 rows).  Then I dropped the HOT PINK and picked up a PURPLE, then I dropped the PALE PINK and picked up a LILAC - do you see how this is working out?

What you do:  (working in rounds)

  • 4 CH and SS to join into a ring.
  • 2 CH (counts as first HTC) then add 10 HTC into the ring, SS into first 2 CH to join.  (11 stitches)
  • 2 CH (counts at first HTC) then 2 HTC into each stitch. SS into first 2 CH to join (22 stitches)
  • 2 CH (counts as first HTC) then 1 HTC into each stitch, SS into first 2 CH to join (22 stitches)
  • Repeat the last row for another 12 rounds.
Change now from working rounds to working rows.
  • 2 CH (counts as first HTC) then 17 HTC, turn.
  • Repeat this last row until your sock is the required length for your foot.  For a sz 6 sock, I had a total of 20 rounds + 14 rows.
  • Fold the heal edge in half and sew up the seam.
  • Working around the rim of the sock now, join new yarn and work HTC stitches evenly around the rim (different sized socks will take a different amount of stitches - just make sure they are evenly spaced and remember how many for the second sock.
  • Using HTC stitches throughout work in rounds decreasing one stitch either side of the foot (as shown by the cross in the silly little pic below) for the next 6 rows.
  • Work another 6 rows straight, then sew in the ends, fold over the cuff and wear with pride!

© Sue Simmons / 2013


  1. These are so cute! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing!


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